• CendresPlus le Dragon

    CendresPlus le Dragon

    A little red dragon of joy!
  • Dao, Embodiment of Balance

    Dao, Embodiment of Balance

    Dao is Lucy Luck's familiar, and he embodies the balance between all things in the world. Most of them just happens to be how bad luck influences things.
  • Lady Luck

    Lady Luck

    Lucy "Lady" Luck relies on her cards and luck-manipulating abilities in battle. It also helps that her faithful familiar, Dao, is often close by.
  • Shokushu Kumo

    Shokushu Kumo

    The Tentacle Spider Magical Girl.
  • Spider framiliar

    Spider framiliar

    its adorable
  • Wonder Nuct - Nano

    Wonder Nuct - Nano

    A random character of randomness, with random pet