CendresPlus le Dragon

A little red dragon of joy!


A small little red dragon that when it grabs its tail it opens a portal to the awesome multiverse where Nano gets her mystical items. Asmore can also drop certain small items from the awesome realm with far greater certainty, but they are pointedly less powerful. However should Nano reach into Asmore’s portal and pull stuff out combined they can usually get better items. Also Asmore breathes fire, because ya know, dragons breathe fire.

Asmore came from the first thing that Nano pulled out of the multiverse. The two of them instantly bonded and became best of friends, perhaps because Asmore is now trapped on a different plain of existence without any other dragons and perhaps because Nano lets him roll up against her under her clothes. Thanks to Nano nearly killing herself he gained the ability to also open the portal to the multiverse for her and generally helps as best he can. Also has a severe weakness for body heat, to which Nano is not terribly against. Asmore is also very glad to be away from ponies, he mutters in his sleep about one pony and fears its return. Has a perpetual fear of all ponies and generally hides in Nano’s clothing whenever one is around. However he is a lovable little scamp, and very helpful.

Technical : Able to reduce range of pulling stuff out to 11-60 (smaller items) and can reduce the range to as small as 20 (i.e. 11-31, or 21-41, etc.) with concentration (i.e. out of battle). Also has very rare chance for item 99 as he likes the gems in it.

CendresPlus le Dragon

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