Dao, Embodiment of Balance

Dao is Lucy Luck's familiar, and he embodies the balance between all things in the world. Most of them just happens to be how bad luck influences things.


Although he looks to be made of raw evil and all the hatred in the world, Dao is actually composed entirely out of neutral energy, composed entirely of hyper-accelerated neutrons. His sole duty, as a familiar and embodiment of balance, is to protect Lucy Luck, and to ensure that she doesn’t abuse her powers too much. The abuse of luck can lead to all sorts of horrible things…

Dao has several forms, based on the situation he’s in.

Dao in Chains: This is Dao’s main form, the one he will take most often outside of battle, when Lucy isn’t storing him in her gem. In this form, Dao has the appearance of a purple sphere, about as large as a basketball, that is bound in heavy bronze chains. While in this form, Dao isn’t very powerful, however he can still affect Lucy’s powers enough to alter the flow of a battle. (Lucy’s spells cost less hope)

Dao in Shackles: This is the form Dao most often takes during combat. In this form, Dao is at his strongest physically, due to the fact that the energy composing his semi-corporeal form has slowed down enough to achieve an almost solid state. He is much bigger than a human, and is entirely immune to the non-magical attacks.

Dao Unleashed: This form is one Dao can take when he needs to hold enemies off longer than in his other form. While it is physically weaker than in Shackles and is unable to resist damage, it allows him to heal himself from the brink of defeat, so long as Lucy has enough resources to do it. This form is significantly larger than his other forms, but cannot deal as much damage as them.

Dao Wight: This form is one both Dao and Lucy would rather not activate, but it still has its uses. While in this form, Dao unleashes a dark mind trick that forces all enemies to attack him. Unlike his Unleashed form, Dao cannot heal himself. This form should only be used to keep enemies away from Lucy or the other Magical girls.

Dao, Embodiment of Balance

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