Lady Luck

Lucy "Lady" Luck relies on her cards and luck-manipulating abilities in battle. It also helps that her faithful familiar, Dao, is often close by.



Mulligan – Lucy shuffles her current hand back into her deck, and redraws that amount of cards minus one (drop seven, draw six). Performing a Mulligan uses her entire turn. When used on an ally, it prevents them from performing an action that would otherwise be harmful to allies rather than helpful (for example, stopping them from using a massive fireball that would leave everyone decimated). Can also be used to prevent enemies from attacking for one turn.

Reload – Lucy charges her Deck Guard, shuffling all the cards in her graveyard back into her deck. When used on other weapons, it reloads their ammo, recharges their uses, or repairs them a bit if they were damaged.

Rewind – Lucy takes a card out of her resource zone and adds it to her hand. When used on an opponent, it prevents them from finishing an attack.

Recover – Lucy takes a card out of her Graveyard and adds it to her hand. When used on an ally, it allows them to recover small amounts of HP, and large amounts of energy.

Destiny Draw – (In the meta, it allows the player to look at the top five cards of the deck, add one to their hand, and put the rest on the top and bottom of the deck in any order. It can only be done during a natural draw phase) Lucy charges her Deck Guard, influencing the odds of getting a card she desperately needs. When used on other weapons, it temporarily increases the amount of damage it can do.

Lucky Day – (In the meta, it allows target player to reroll a failed roll, or make an enemy reroll a successful roll) Lucy increases the odds of success or failure, depending on who she uses it on.

Lucky Upkeep – During Lucy’s Upkeep phase of her turn, she can use this spell to draw a card.

Summon: Dao – While in a pinch, Lucy can use this spell to instantly summon Dao in Shackles to her aid. Not to be confused with the act of using her cards to summon Dao, which can only be done on her “turn”.


Lu Xi Luk (usually just called Lucy), is a young girl from Korea. She had just recently moved to Japan with her father, but it seems she had her Magical Girl powers for a while before that. Lucy isn’t exactly what one would call shy, but she has a definite image in her head of the kind of people she likes and the kind of people she doesn’t. In a way, that is sort of how Dao came to be her Familiar.

For one reason or another, Lucy really doesn’t like to talk about what her life was like in Korea.

Lucy’s weapons, while in magical girl form, consists of two main items: her Deck Guard, and a deck of magical cards.

The Deck Guard is a bronze bracer with a box and amethyst on top. It is in here that Lucy stores her magical cards during combat.

Lucy’s Magical Cards allow her to do many things, from throwing fireballs to summoning Dao and other allies to her aid. When a card has been used, its energy is stored in the amethyst on the Deck Guard, which acts as her graveyard.

Although she has many ways of getting back her lost cards, in the event that Lucy drops a card, it is immediately dispersed and its energies go straight to her Graveyard. Due to the fact that, while she holds them, her cards are just slips of paper, they are vulnerable to everything that paper would be vulnerable to. If a card would be destroyed, it is immediately sent to her Graveyard.

Lucy’s power only enables her to have two allies in play at any time: an Avatar (which is usually Dao), and one other ally, whose energy she pulls from her magic cards. If an ally would be put into play while an Avatar and another are already out, the other ally is destroyed and the new one is put into play. Avatars cannot be usurped.

Lady Luck

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