Wonder Nuct - Nano

A random character of randomness, with random pet


100 Random Abilities from thigh based holster. Her ability is literally pulling out items from the infinite multiverse, to which each universe is slightly or greatly different. Never runs out as the infinite multiverse is endless. People generally do not like things being pulled from their universes but hey what ya gonna do.

1. Sucked into Portal – Ya you’re so stuck in that portal for a few rounds, or hours. Betcha didn’t see that coming.
2. Aphrodisiac powder – Auto use, can be VERY distracting, god help you if the Otaku Swarm is there…
3. Swarm of tentacles – Usually venomous and always angry, expect to fight for your life.
4. Swarm of bees – ya know after the tentacles this one almost seems better.
5. Real Ashmore – A very pissed off alternate version of Ashmore, will likely attack and try to murder you all. He’s not overly friendly, honest fellow though, he’ll tell he’s killing you as he does it.
6. Swarm of Poisonous Snakes – Snakes, why did it have to be snakes….
7. Swarm of Spiders – Every single spider you ever killed swarms out and attacks. Man you are really having issues with swarms. Betcha wish you didn’t squash so many.
8. The Nazi Army – Better look out Dan, we know who they are going for first…
9. Otaku Swarm – You’ve had tentacles, bees, snakes, and spiders. Now the worst one of them all, grabby and molesting Otaku.
10. Painbow Dash – Oh you think this is a good thing? You pulled her away from the only place that has Rainbow Dash. He’s gonna be pissed, and he has a Katana. Asmore is especially scared.
11. Dead puppy – It’s that puppy that you always wanted but never fed as a child. Ya it’s traumatic okay?
12. Dead Hamster – It’s the pet hamster that your parents got you to forget your dead puppy, you never learned your lesson as a child.
13. Dead Goldfish – It’s the pet goldfish that your pare…ya know I’m beginning to see a pattern in your childhood.
14. Dead Fetus – Remember that trip you had to the….what the fuck is wrong with you people…
15. Rotting Vegetables – You know all those vegetables you refused to eat as a child? Well now their back. Damn that’s a lot of vegetables.
16. A rotten fish – Ya, that’s it, betcha wish you never poked it with a stick now
17. A toy car – Bet your glad all the dead and rotten things are over huh?
18. Foam Sword – I loved these things when I was a kid…and no you can’t remove the foam.
19. Toy Gun – It does shoot a flag that says bang if that counts for anything.
20. A loaf of bread – When you’re baking bread you might as well….
21. A banana – I wouldn’t ask why there’s a banana….
22. A bunny – Because pulling bunnies out of nowhere has been a staple in magic for 100 years…
23. A ball – It bounces!
24. Cutie Mark Acquisition Program – Robot ponies want to get tattoos? It’s kinda cute? Ya I know it’s useless. But at least you have small robot ponies to smash!
25. Scooter Time – You get a scooter! May or may not come with useless annoying pony.
26. Apples – You got a lot of apples. Pretty sure somepony is pissed off somewhere.
27. Liquid Rainbow – You know what? I’m pretty sure this may actually be a narcotic…
28. Party Cannon – Literally a cannon that shoots party materials out. It has streamers and balloons, but doesn’t clean up afterwards.
29. Gems – Ya gems actually come out. Asmore likes em, but they are likely valuable.
30. A Laptop – You can browse the internet via satellite up-link or smash someone over the head! Yay!
31. A hot plate – Hey, everyone needs a hotplate when they are young adults.
32. Mini-Fridge – Yeeeeeep. You can now smash people in the head with a mini-fridge. Or ya know, you have a free fridge!
33. 2×4 – It’s a piece of wood. Build a clubhouse for the dragon…you know you wanna.
34. A bench – Yep it’s a bench. You can sit on it? Or smack people with it. I advise the former over the latter, but you never know.
35. 50inch TV – a 50inch TV you say, oh no! Well it’s actually a CRT model and weighs 500 pounds, so watch the fuck out it’s coming at your head.
36. Powerglove – Remember the good ol Nintendo powerglove of awesome to bitch slap someone. You’ve never truly bitch slapped someone until it’s with a powerglove.
37. Microwave – It’s not just any microwave, it’s the first microwave. You ever see how big those bastards were? Well google it…freaking massive…
38. Satellite – A military grade communication satellite. There’s now terrorist attacks occurring out there somewhere because you needed to smash things.
39. Anvil – Yep it’s an anvil. Now if you were smart you hopefully weren’t standing under where this was summoned.
40. Healing Water – Well either you’re gonna be clean or you’re gonna heal. Or wet t-shirt.
41. A Bat – The baseball kind not the flying kind. Can be metal or wood and hopefully you have ball(s) to hit.
42. Magical Contact Lens – This contact lens changes everything about you except your eye color.
43. Chainsaw – Somewhat bloody and modified to accept a stump instead of a hand, this mighty chainsaw has seen some good times.
44. Bladed Glove – It’s good for cutting hedges and to a lesser extent people! Now with free fedora!
45. Machete – Stabbing good times, already bloody for some damn reason. Also comes with free hockey mask attachment!
46. Mace – Now attached by chain! I hope you know how to wield one of these they really hurt….
47. Grenade – It goes boom.
48. Spear – Because poking things is fun :D
49. Emasculating Hand Gun – Because you are too girly for something bigger.
50. A Katana – Yep, hope you know how to use a sword. Hey better then the rotten fish right?
51. Zombie Powder – Your friends or enemies die? Bring them back horrific zombies with this! Your new slave for life!
52. Boomstick – A double barreled shotgun that can somehow shoot three times…Seems to really like having a chainsaw nearby
53. Senzu Bean – Restores everything from hope to wounds. See now there’s gonna be a fight somewhere and they are gonna be like, we need a senzu bean! And they’ll never know what happened to their last hope…
54. Morpher – It’s a Power Rangers morpher! That’s right! You now get to transform into a pink ranger with awesome karate and the ability to shoot sparks when you get hit! Now where are those zords….
55. Rifle – Because, well, shooting things is fun.
56. Lightsaber – Because ya know when you have the force you gotta chop things with a plasma sword of death.
57. Teleport Ring – A ring of teleportation with unlimited range but limited uses.
58. Flamethrower – Because with fire, everything is better. And liquid fire is even better then that.
59. Flying Shoes – Because being able to fly is awesome.
60. Machine Gun – Because a rifle isn’t good enough, you go bigger and faster.
61. Plasma Rifle – A rapid fire plasma shooting weapon of torturous death.
62. Beam Rifle – Highly Accurate and powerful, this can shoot through gundanium alloy.
63. Rocket Launcher – A shoulder mounted auto-targeting weapon of death. No one will miss one of these.
64. Pikachu – A little rat that likes to shoot lighting at things? It really has a shocking personality! Ugh…
65. Prinny Army – A bunch of cute little penguins that seem to love it when you pick em up and throw them viciously at your enemy.
66. Materia – They look like gems but contain the powers of the earth’s life force. On the plus side they are shiny!
67. Plasmid – Temporary genetic modification with a single application! Fire, lightning, ice, mind control, cyclones, reversing shield, and so on! Hopefully you don’t go insane…But you can combine them if you get more then one! Huzzah!
69. Senbonzakura – It’s a rose! Well metal rose petals of death in the form of a sword anyways…at least it’s shiny!
70. A Car – A fueled up muscle car from the 60s. Hope you have your license, or ya know you could beat people over the head with it.
71. Eremiel – You summon an angelic looking entity that has a propensity for yelling FIREBALL and burning everything in sight to the ground.
72. Big Daddy – A raptured individual in a large water tight suit with a drill on his hand and magic in the other. May or may not like little girls.
73. The Darkness – You know, from The Darkness? It’s dark, and has tentacles, and eats hearts…
74. Iron Man Suit – That’s right bitches you got Tony Stark’s suit of shear amazingness. Pretty sure some rich boy is now failing to his death somewhere.
75. Buster Blade – And before you ask, yes it has omnislash
80. A tank – Fully armed and ready tank. Now you could shoot things, or run them over. Or ya know, smash em over the head with it.
81. A train – Yep, a high speed train that comes flying out hopefully at your enemies.
82. F22 Raptor – That’s right, you pulled out a freaking stealth jet. You’re gonna have fun flyi…WHY ARE YOU SMASHING THINGS WITH IT!?
84. Heavenly Sword – A shape changing sword that can change at will from long sword, dual swords, and daggers attached to chains. Also grants super strength and speed while wielding it.
85. A Battleship – A Super Yamato Class battleship. Umm you can drop it on people? Or if you’re lucky you’re at the ocean and you can actually use it!
86. Death’s Scythe – Well now it’s time to go reaping some bitches.
87. Excalibur – Oh ya the sword of King/Queen Arturia, unbreakable, able to unleash an amazing blast of death. You want it.
88. Super Speed Juice – Gives you super duper speed of awesome. You know the flash? Ya you can lap him.
89. Revive feather – Your friends die? Well bring them back not as horrific zombies with this! Sure to be your new best friend for life! Why is it a feather though?
90. Bahamut – You summon a massive magical dragon construct. It obeys your every command and has an ultimate ability Mega Flare. You know where this came from
91. Mj√∂lnir – A hammer which bestows the power of the gods upon you. Also shoots lightning like a mofo. And lets you fly. And always comes back. God damn this is amazing….
92. Gate of Babylon – I’m pretty sure Gilgamesh is gonna be pissed at you for stealing his treasure room with every single weapon ever made in it. But you know what? Fuck him.
93. The SSV2 Normandy – What’s that? A SPACE SHIP!? The hell you gonna do with…you’re gonna smash people over the head with this aren’t you? You could at least shoot the cannon or fly it into someone! No? Fine…smash….
94. Yourself – That’s right, you’re gonna pull an infinite number of versions of yourself who are gonna go smash the living hell out of your enemies with their own random stuff they pull out. Naruto has got nothing on you.
95. Super Saiyan God – I don’t even know how you pulled out someone’s power to turn into an SSJ God form…but god help us all. Goku is now dead somewhere thanks to you.
96. A Gundam – Oh ya a fully pilotable Gundam ready to kick ass. Sadly it’s fuel only lasts so long, but hey, it’s a freaking Gundam! God I’m sure some universe is gonna miss this.
97. Pocket Watch – A time controlling pocket watch, allows you to pause, reverse, or speed up time! Also so gotta yell TIME MAGIC.
98. BGF – Super laser rifle of total destruction
99. Magical Staff of uber pawnage (see picture) – Unlimited magic of your wildest dreams!
100. Break the Fourth Wall – Send you opponents to another dimension, usually by double rainboom


Nano use to love watching her parents magic show and was always amazed by what they could do! Pull coins from behind people’s ears, rabbits out of hats, it was amazing! Everyone is the crowd was happy and enjoying themselves. However when Nano tried to pull stuff from behind people’s ears or out of hats nothing would ever appear. Nano was sad because she would never be able to make people happy like her parents could.

It was at this point she was told of the Frei and some other weird stuff. But what caught her attention was that there were things were taking happiness away! So she wished that should could pull everything out of nowhere just like her parents! After all that makes everyone happy. The entity seemed a little confused by this, but granted the wish.

When Nano awoke in her bed she had a pouch on her thigh, was such a strange thing. She reached in and grabbed hold and pulled out a small dragon! Just like the one she dreamed about the night before! Even better the dragon talked! Asmore was a weird name, but Nano was happy she danced around her room in joy. She ended up smashing her head against the dresser after twirling around so much. Bleeding to death in darkness she thought she heard a giant sigh, and then she awoke. Asmore could now pull stuff out of nowhere and healed her! Hurray! She danced around and pulled out a giant squeaky hammer of doom, so that all will know joy as they get bashed!


Wonder Nuct - Nano

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